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Our vision is to make every road warrior work with ease and comfort.

Why Do I Need A Stand?

You would definitely wonder, I’m doing just fine with my mobile devices in bare-bone(with a phone case if I’m insecure), why do I need a stand for my devices now?

Here’s the thing, these cases are exceptional in protecting your digital belongings, or simply in making them look great.

We want to do something different—instead of perfecting the device, we want to perfect the way you use them .

If you take a look at the past 10 years, what has changed ergonomically for all these gadgets that you spend most of the time live or work with? Nothing.

The angle is the same, the way you interact with them is the same, with or without all the current accessories.

What has changed is the user. We became obsessed with the information, but did not get the right way to read or watch them, hence we got the bad backs, sore necks, and clumsy hands reaching for the top-end of a big-screen.

These are not how we should use our devices, that’s why a stand matters.

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